Women 7-a good way to prevent breast disease!

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In reality, as common and high incidence of female breast diseases, caused serious problems for many women friends in recent years. Many female friends do not pay attention to prevention and health care in their daily lives, result of hyperplasia of mammary glands into the body of the “regulars”, it should not. How to prevent the occurrence of diseases of the breast in everyday life?

1. exercise

Studies show that exercise can help reduce the incidence of cancer, insisted exercise for half an hour at a time, at least four times a week, so magic.

2. develop good eating habits

Adolescent not to high intakes of fat and animal protein, more exercise; after menopause controlling total calorie intake, avoid obesity. Daily is not excessive intake of meat, eggs, butter, cheese, desserts, diet, eat less pickled, smoked, fried, roasted food.

3. more than at least 6 hours of sleep per night

Japan a study shows that women who sleep less than 6 hours a day more likely to develop breast cancer than people with sleep time.

4. body mass index below 26

Weight found that 30% per cent of women now are obese, there are 30% women are overweight. Obesity cause heart disease, diabetes, can also cause cancer. A new study shows that obese young women 34% more likely to develop breast cancer.

5. quit smoking

Am addicted to women, particularly first births has been smoking before women, which will greatly increase the incidence of breast cancer.

6. reducing or avoiding the mental and psychological stress factors

Once in a while some stress is normal, but excessive mental stress affects health for a long time, is not conducive to dealing with cancer, because there is no stimulation of the body’s immune system gene.

7. the long-term excessive drinking

Alcohol can affect liver function, decrease estrogen metabolism. Drinking 1-2 glasses of wine a day increases breast cancer incidence. Research shows that 3 in 4-ounce glass of wine alcohol content increases estrogen makes women twice.


Read the points above, all female friends do you do? for their own health, for my perfect body, I believe that so long as usually do this, you can easily prevent breast disease.

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