What do these, even the dog days!

Is between three days and it is the beginning of autumn, the highest temperature of the year and damp, humid day. The meaning of the potential. “Three days” of the “V” refers to “fuxie”. The so-called “six evils” (referred to as “wind, cold, heat, wet, dry, fire”) in the summer heat. The so-called “dog days”, “three days” refers to the lunar calendar, which is one of the year’s hottest period of time. The first day of today is to enter the dog — dog days. Dog days season, hot and humid climate conditions make the body increase consumption, if we do not pay attention to the supplement of nutrition elements, easy to cause, no salt, vitamin, protein deficiency, which affects the human body metabolism, so three dog days of summer to pay attention to diet, to prevent the disease. So quickly today Xiaobian specially under the arrangement to share notes under three days of diet. What do these, even the dog days! PAC complement of proteins midsummer, accelerate metabolism, increase protein consumption, due to decreased digestive function, and the protein reduced intake, body showing a negative nitrogen balance. Legumes such as cowpea, beans, lentils, beans, mung bean, red bean, containing are of good quality and very rich in protein.

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