Weight over pale 5 iron set

“I must lose weight 5 kg in 1 month! “A lot of women in order to dump meat, go on a diet without meat, likely to cause iron intake, fatigue, anemia, pallor, inability to concentrate, dizziness and other symptoms. Nutritionist said that adult women should consume 15 milligrams of iron a day, eating more foods high in iron are helpful, but more important is to enhance the body’s absorption of iron.

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Weight over pale 5 iron setMany women diet for quick weight loss, malnutrition, inadequate iron intake, resulting in Pale, anemic and discomfort.

Ministry of health and welfare recommends women 19-50 (except for pregnant and lactating women) should eat iron 15 mg a day, but many nutrition survey condition changes found, women in this age of iron deficiency rate of 15.3% to 22.5%, or even half the women had symptoms of ischemic anemia iron deficiency.

Iron VS non-blood diet there is 2 kinds of blood iron iron

Dietary supplements is a good method for improving iron deficiency, but do you know how to properly iron supplement? Hong Ruopu Taipei Municipal Chung Hau District Hospital, United Christian Hospital dietitian says iron in food “blood iron” and “non-blood iron” parts, chemical structure and sources of food and absorption rates, are different.

Blood iron, also known as “animal iron”, refers to the hemoglobin and Myoglobin pigment contained in the iron, the main food source is red meat, dark poultry meat, offal and chicken, duck and pig’s blood. Non-blood iron is suspected, including ferritin, iron-containing enzyme, iron compounds, such as, the main food sources of animal liver, red amaranth, seaweed, wild celery, bean, red bean and white sesame seeds. Special is, animal liver, kidneys and the brain due to lack of muscle tissue, so it is classified as a non-blood iron.

Iron absorption is not different than eating pork liver eating pig

Iron supplements for fast, many people think that the selection of foods with high iron content, but the human body of blood iron and non-blood-the big difference in absorption and utilization of iron, eating really good for health.

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