Weight-no shortcuts! Eat less and move more matching nutrition advice and thin

Weight loss is not shortcut! Only small meals or eat less and move more, have a chance to lose weight successfully, some people also mix of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, catgut or tea, coupled with the professional weight loss, nutritional counseling, 3 to 5 kilos a month.

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Weight-no shortcuts! Eat less and move more matching nutrition advice and thinDoctors said Cai Yaojian, BMI is greater than 24, can say their obesity, can also have the extra meat so thin it down. (Image courtesy of United Christian Hospital Yan Oi Hospital in Taipei)

United Christian Hospital Yan Oi Hospital Chinese Medicine Department in Taipei attending physician said Cai Yaojian, in General, if the BMI is greater than 24, can only be in a position to say fat, so that they will have a surplus of meat can be thin. Habit change is most important, give yourself some time, at least 3 months, have the perseverance and perseverance set a weight-loss plan, the Supreme principle is “less body heat, more heat from the body”, the goal is to ease security at least 1/10 and not fat weight.

Cai Yaojian noted that many studies have confirmed that acupuncture can regulate the activity of the central nervous, reduce appetite and fat hypertrophy, strengthened to stimulate muscle and fat tissue, increase metabolism and promotes fat redistribution, local body, which decreases body weight and waist circumference. Catgut is the body is able to absorb the catgut, needles into acupuncture points in the constant stimulation for a specific point, suppress appetite and increase energy consumption, promote the breakdown of body fat and achieve the weight loss results.

Weight loss is a gradual process, if we can only expect a few needle could get thin, that is unrealistic. Or should I mix diet control, need to be tailored to individual health professional dietitian diet plan, as well as increased exercise in daily life.

Movement way has many, except weekly at least 3 times, each at least 30 minutes of movement zhiwai, also can in daily among increased usually activities volume, even is using trivial time, daily added total up also has quite energy consumption, for example upstairs Shi to climbed stairs replaced take elevator, and work Shi early a station got off modified to walk home, or work zhiyu for simple stretch fuck, so reduction heavy effect only will more obviously.

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