Weight loss nutrition more important than just calories

When you read the nutrition facts on the package, if focusing on calories alone on the digital, it is easy to be misled. Nine% of people regularly browse the food nutrition facts, but only a% of people after reading the first line of the total number of calories, and will continue to read again.

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Weight loss nutrition more important than just calories

A café near my house recently played “less than 200 calories,” the ad one day morning I fell into the trap this clever marketing, but also using this as an excuse and ordered a vanilla latte instead of regular coffee. Later, I went to the cafe’s website, only to find that 150-calorie Lattes, in addition to 28 grams of carbohydrates, and 27 grams of sugar! Although the relatively low number of calories, but the choice is really be called a good start of the day.

Most people eat far more carbohydrates than your body needs, but insufficient in protein intake. There was a large-scale study shows, with a little increased protein intake, and reduction in carbohydrate, can effectively improve health. Look at the ingredient list on the food packaging, you will find that grams carbs than protein, mostly 10:1, or even higher.

With its focus on total calories, another simple screening method, is to examine the ratio of carbohydrate to protein. You can set up the next goal, eating only carbs: protein =1:1 of food. Ordering in a restaurant, or at the supermarket to buy something, this is a simple filter food tips, I started doing a few years ago. Almost all nutrients are listed in the table of carbohydrate and amount of protein. For example, I often used as snacks, mixed nuts, lunch is often eaten the avocado salad, and my favorite India cuisine “cheese with spinach (Palak Paneer)”, is almost 1:1 proportions.

At the very least, is to avoid a higher proportion of carbohydrates and protein 5:1. Most potato chips and breakfast cereals, up to 10:1. Maintain a balance of carbohydrates and protein, can make the body produce more energy in the long run can make health better. Using 1:1 ‘s law, may not be the most perfect measurements, but it is a very practical and simple rules to avoid eating too many carbohydrates effectively.

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