Wash out a lot of hair, is a sign not bald?

Wash out a lot of hair, is a sign not bald? do you know? The human body has about 100000 hairs, the average person can be 100 or less per day, each hair can grow about 1000 days. If you lose more than 100 hair every day, the hair is gradually thinning, thinning, soft, soft, forehead hair line after the shift, so you have to be careful, so that the development of it, you may become bald”. Don’t be nervous, hair loss and is not no cure, in a timely manner to the hair expert of normal hospital to receive treatment, your hair and a “second spring”. The bald man is going on? So, this is what kind of a kind of hair loss? Medicine called androgenetic alopecia (androgenetic alopecia AGA), previously known as seborrheic alopecia or alopecia is the most common type of hair loss disease clinical, mainly for pubertal and postpubertal hair density reduction, androgen dependent multi gene genetic disease. What people tend to be bald man? The incidence of this hair loss is very high, in our country, the prevalence of men is 21.3%, the female is 6%. The highest incidence of white, yellow and black people, is the lowest. Czech is the world’s most bald place, and Asia’s top is Japan, while China’s bald rate is only twenty-first. Male AGA mainly for the forehead hairline shift and (or) the top of the head hair of reducing and thinning, also known as male pattern baldness. Some patients started with frontotemporal and curly hair on the temples as features, surrounding the hair will gradually curl. This hair loss is not very fast, but will slowly accelerate. Female AGA is mainly expressed in the head hair.

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