Thin face available trilogy, summon the mouth exercise

“Summary”: the fastest way to face you know? From ancient times to the present, beauty has always been the woman’s nature. A pretty little face accompanied by watery eyes, is the face of countless women coveted. To you the fastest way to thin face, thin face trilogy, keep it up!

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Thin face available trilogy, summon the mouth exerciseGirl the quickest way to thin face, three steps give you small oval face.

Required course for now face a lot of girls, though many girls slim, but meat toot on his face, giving the illusion of fat. Do not let fat face ruin, girls face the quickest way, three steps give you small oval face:

First step: the face-lift campaign

Face exercises can help you strengthen the muscles of the face, a simple few tips to move your little face.

1, blowing up his mouth as hard as blowing bubbles, hold for 10 seconds, try flat mouth, hold for 10 seconds. Reduce face fat.

2, slow rise, see day, opened his mouth, tip, and hold for 10 seconds back tongue, shut up, slow down, and repeat 10 times, lower fat can be reduced.

3, his mouth slightly open, jaw and move around, repeat 30 times. As long as we do 2-3 times a day

Second step: the thin face massage

Introduced a thin face massage helps everyone a quick face-lift, face beauty Oh!

1. coated with thin face creams, relaxing facial muscles. Massage starts from the jaw, ear, and then to the forehead as the center point to the lateral massage. Massage methods from nose to the corners of the eyes on both sides of a rotating massage.

2. with the Palm or finger press the clavicle depression, stimulate the lymphatic. If the nails are too long, use the term “finger belly” tight squeeze collarbone Hollows, 3 seconds and then release the finger, 3 times in a row.

3. with your thumb on either side of the lower jaw depression. All the weight of the head supported by the thumb, or thumb lifts the head, 3 seconds at a time, has also done 3 times.

4. depression into pressure on the lower jaw, along the lines of the face up, so that clear up facial lines, action should be powerful but avoid cuts-jawed Dent, also done 3 times, each time for 3 seconds.

5. from jaw to ear gently. From jaw to ear behind, again from both sides of the nose to the zygomatic bone by depression, and finally returned to the ear, smoothing massage of back and forth, back and forth 10.

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