“Thin”! Eaten cold Italy accused of weight

After autumn, the weather is getting colder, ought to start eating some warm stomach Qi-invigorating foods. However, cold starch foods has unexpected benefits. According to foreign media reports, United Kingdom nutritionists recommend, cold Italy can eat very “thin”, contribute to weight control, more suitable to stabilize blood sugar and insulin in patients with diabetes. What the hell is this?

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Cold Italy can eat very “thin” and help weight control and stabilize blood sugar and insulin in patients with diabetes.

General starch eating fat eating resistant starch will thin

According to daily mail reported, United Kingdom SA acting University nutrition Professor Denise Robertson pointed out that, anecdotal has “weight loss don’t eat starch” a said, is because starch class food as Italy surface or white bread, eat into digestive system Hou, will was decomposition into sugar, is easy was body fast absorption, sugar copies intake volume and the absorption of speed like drink a cup containing sugar beverage as, led to blood sugar sudden rose. If these cannot be consumed, will be then converted to fat by the body, caused by accumulated fat.

However, if you are eating a “resistant starch” (Resistant Starch), that’s another story. Resistant starch in simple terms, is against the breakdown of starch. When the resistant starch into the intestine, not too fast like most starches are converted to sugars. In addition, when solutions of resistant starch food enters the large intestine, and can also be produced and the effect of dietary fiber, about 1 kg of bacteria from the colon and metabolism, in addition to help bowel movement smoother, but can also be turned into short-chain fatty acids, and its function of lowering blood pressure to prevent heart disease. Resistant starch are in many foods, such as bananas, green beans, or raw oatmeal.

Resistant starch VS. starch sugar soared much different

When you eat starchy foods, easy to convert starch into sugar, resulting in rapid rise in blood sugar, can also cause rapid insulin secretion, to play the hypoglycemic function. But rapid up and down regulation of the body’s sensitivity to insulin is reduced, serious Word may cause insulin to properly control blood sugar function. Rapid insulin secretion, the rapid process of lowering blood sugar, can make a person feel abnormal hunger. Eat starch, but become useless calories to the body, which has no nutritional value, has also led to the feeling of hunger.

The other hand, once the diet of resistant starch, starch is not easy to turn into sugar, blood sugar, insulin does not jump and the feeling we won’t eat more hungry. Robertson pointed out that if people want to eat more of starch, as long as the starchy food cooked, cool, cold after eating right!

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