These four kinds of people drink honey carefully

Honey is a nutrient health care products, but also a lot of people are like to drink honey, but to note that not all people can drink honey. The following several people can not drink honey, the following small series to introduce it to you! These four kinds of people drink honey carefully
1, liver cirrhosis patients can not drink honey in general, hepatitis B patients are very suitable for drinking honey, because honey provides no need for liver decomposition synthesis, can reduce the burden of the liver, but the liver cirrhosis patients but can not drink honey, because it will increase the liver fibrosis. 2, diabetes can not take honey honey carbohydrate per 100 grams of glucose in about 35 grams, fructose 40 grams, sucrose about 2 grams, dextrin about 1 gram. Both glucose and fructose are simple sugars, without digestion can be absorbed into the blood, so that blood sugar increased, sucrose and slightly after hydrolysis can be absorbed, and therefore, the role of honey sugar is particularly evident. From this point of view, people with diabetes can not take honey 3, a cold medicine can not be with honey with a cold cough, and honey has a cough, so many people will drink honey when the cold symptoms. Experts remind you that the cold medicine is best not to drink and honey. Honey has cough Runfei effect, suitable for lung dryness cough. If cough less sputum, sputum or small and sticky, or dry cough without phlegm, can make honey drink. But if you are taking antipyretics or fever cold medicine ingredients, taking the honey should not at the same time. A lot of cold medicine, such as Tylenol, crack, Rickettsia, cold Qing contain antipyretic analgesic acetaminophen, it encountered honey and the formation of a compound, affect the body on the absorption rate, thereby weakening anti fever effect. These four kinds of people drink honey carefully4, not full

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