The oxygen weight-loss surgery! Support of Huang Qi Chen Pilai-“gas weight loss surgery topic”

How to speed up the weight loss? Doctors focus on cardiopulmonary circulation and the basal metabolic rate, value of traditional Chinese medicine of invigorating Qi and nourishing blood, just the oxygen content in the human body and physiological functioning, it can accelerate the exclusion of waste, the fat and the excess water in the body, and achieve the goal of healthy weight and keep slim. Practitioners said that moderate use of astragalus, tangerine peel, Qi tonic, with a balanced diet and regular exercise, reducing weight is not difficult.

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The oxygen weight-loss surgery! Support of Huang Qi Chen Pilai-Phlegm-dampness Constitution people often move more, eat less, but always lean down, then served with Tangerine and yellow over moderately benefit shortness of metabolism.

Yujen Education practitioners, weight regulation of traditional Chinese medicine can be divided into 3 types: gastric fire, irascibility and phlegm. Gastric fire strong physical man, prone to dry mouth, loss of appetite with hyperthyroidism, drink cold drinks, and baked spicy fried food, easier bowel problems, including Divine Comedy, Hawthorn and other enzymes commonly used traditional Chinese medicine. If the angry person of, often accompanied by stress, appetite or anorexia, edema and other symptoms, common series of prescription of bupleurum, shugan Jieyu, clearing heat and removing damp.

Qi tonic to help lose weight and phlegm-dampness Constitution applies

These two types of fat are not recommended for “the oxygen weight-loss method”, suitable for oxygenating dieters is “phlegm-dampness Constitution” of people. Phlegm wet physique who, often for spleen and stomach gas insufficient, and metabolism capacity poor, even exercise sufficient, and eat of less, still has size obesity, and muscle relaxation, and edema, phenomenon, at more for using tangerine or banxia, phlegm drug, match ginseng, and yellow senior citizen’s, and party ginseng, fill gas drug to upgrade blood containing oxygen volume, accelerated metabolism, excluded body waste and extra oil, upgrade reduction heavy effect.

“Phlegm-dampness Constitution/the oxygen weight-loss tea”

  • Ingredients: dried orange peel 3, Hawthorn, Poria 2 3 money money money.
  • Practices: wash after the above herbs, water 600c.c. 5-10-minute boil off the fire after stewing, temperature and ready to drink. This recipe multiple times in one day to rush back to tasteless.

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