Super a comparison! Mines of ingredients do you know

Weather is cold will want to eat hot pot, everyone around the hot pot reunion is the most exciting moment. Mix hot pot is indispensable ingredients, will cooperate with the Japanese hot pot flavor in the final in Oolong noodles, Chinese noodles or rice, it’s exciting conclusion. But these 3 ingredients which beauty is best? Because easy is so delicious and easy to eat too much, so just need to choose the women are more beneficial ingredients.

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Super a comparison! Mines of ingredients do you know

Rice vs. the face

In Japan to eat hot pot at last is most probably will face or rice into the pot boiling, therefore to boil after the State compared to be useful.

Compared to the plain white rice and Chinese noodles, easy to pour the pot boiled expansion increased the volume of rice, rice advantage finally boiled into porridge when you need only a few can feel full.

On the Chinese side is less likely to absorb water, and boiled into porridge of rice by contrast need to eat more to feel full. So if you want to a few and feel full of ways, compared with surface is rice good for beauty.

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