Summer coffee to “perfect”


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Coffee seems to be an endorsement of “fashion” drinks, as one of the world’s three-largest beverage, loved by millions of people.

Recognized as the God of war Napoleon, life has a passion for coffee, coffee is he described as, “the right amount of strong coffee makes me happy and gives me a warm and exotic. ”

Little giggle today to tell you that drink coffee may be there in the summer, come and rise posture it ~

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“Coffee in the summer timetable”

♥ 7:00 AM the first cup of coffee

More high-end people who love fitness. Weekday bitter for the tedious work of managers may wish to early morning for half an hour, Outdoor jogging around, went back to the kitchen to cook a cup of coffee after the campaign ended, with the aroma of coffee wake up in bed love. In the process of making coffee at high temperatures, also an antioxidant compound, it helps fight cancer, anti aging, may also help to prevent cardiovascular disease. Coffee opened the day’s good mood, energy the moment of combustion.

♥ AM 9:00 good time for communication

Is the golden age of the day in the morning, and at this point your brain on most rapidly, so to accomplish more difficult work in a day is a good idea, including negotiations with opponents and make a decision. Before entering the meeting room, a cup of coffee to your opponent, and research shows that moderate caffeine can open his emotional thinking, make him more receptive to the opinions of others. Don’t forget an important point, to explore each other’s taste in advance.

♥ AM 12:00 fatigue elimination, fat

Healthy lunch probably satisfied enough, one more Cup of coffee after a meal to eliminate fatigue in the morning. Want bodybuilding build managers recommend black coffee, a cup of black coffee 100 g only 2.55 kcal of heat, and can efficiently break down fat and very healthy. Coffee in the dietary fibre content higher than orange juice, has a very good solution greasy, digestive effects.

♥ 3:00 PM with energy

Has in the past more than half a day’s work, body and mind are slightly tired. For a nice cup of coffee, eat an afternoon tea with colleagues contact emotion. Coffee aroma can make a person feel vibration, fatigue, brain, concentrate on working day and disposed of in a timely manner.

♥ 7:00 PM relieving alcoholism and protecting liver heart

As a professional Manager, avoid many social gatherings in the evening. Coffee not only can remove bad breath such as garlic, also liver hangover feature. Coffee is rich in polyphenols has a protective effect on the liver, drink coffee, and rapid oxidation of acetaldehyde from alcohol changes, breaking it down into water and carbon dioxide out of the body. If dinner meat food more, more like a cup of coffee, because it enables the gastric juice secretion, improves digestion, reduce the burden on stomach. Evenings, the human heart load increases, appropriate drinking coffee is also good for our cardiovascular.

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“Distinctive drinks-coffee”

The renowned cardiovascular experts Prof worked with experts such as former President of the World Heart Federation maliao·malaao wrote a book, called coffee innocence of the 101 reasons. Says in the book, as long as proper and regular drink, coffee protects the heart better than wine.

As integral to the life of coffee, in addition to the known can provide a variety of functions, tireless in the lab, scientists have found some new roles, and has been proved through practice.

♥: Reduce the risk of cervical cancer risk

According to the United States, a study showed that drinking coffees can significantly reduce cancers of the oral cavity, nasal cancer, lymph cancer risk of cervical cancer. United States researchers from the University of Utah in the authoritative journal cancer epidemiology, biomarkers and prevention report said, they have provided to the International Federation of head and neck cancer epidemiology 9 analyze the study data revealed that coffee drinkers who suffer from oral cancer and throat cancer than people who drink coffee 39%. If you drink 4 or more cups of coffee a day, the effect will be more pronounced. Japan study also verified that, oze says: “material within the cell oxidation, DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) are damaged, can cause cancer. Maybe because coffee has antioxidant and oxidation was neutralized, so to prevent head and neck cancer. ”

♥ II: protection of oral

Coffee can remove bad breath and regular breath. People always think before coffee makes us bad breath, bad for teeth, experts have found that does not. Research team selected two Arabica coffee into a glass test tube with saliva. They had initially hoped this experiment proves that after coffee mixed with saliva, can produce smelly gas. Unexpected results. Researchers found that coffee could stop “unclean”, in some experiments, the coffee can reduce the 90% of “unclean”. Researchers said: “we expect coffee cause bad breath, but in fact in the magic of the brewing process, found that certain constituents in coffee can inhibit bad breath. ”

♥ III: prevention of diabetes

Researchers at Harvard School of public health tracked for a period of 18 years for 125,000 people found that men drinking more than 3 cups of coffee a day reduced the incidence of diabetes 54%, women reduced by 30%; and another smaller group also came to the same conclusion. MARTINEZ said the head of the study, because coffee contains potassium and magnesium, can affect the ability of synthesis of sugar in the body’s organs and metabolism. Martinez also stated that drinking coffee every day for people who are obese are also very useful.

♥ Four: you can also drive a car

Since the “coffee car” has become a reality, from the dual perspective of environmental protection and higher oil prices, should recommend to the United Kingdom engineers Mading·beigen to order a car.

keyword:Summer coffee to “perfect”” >

“Little giggle tips”

♥ Drink coffee not excessive, according to their physical abilities, suitable for the best.

♥ Tension, sub-health status do not drink. While caffeine can relieve tension, but if the body is not in good shape, lots of caffeine can make the change of cardiac function and cholesterol in the blood vessels.

♥ Drink coffee have many benefits for healthy people, pregnant women, heart disease and osteoporosis patients and should be avoided.

♥ Calculate your daily energy intake, and weight-loss programs simultaneously.

♥ Try to avoid instant coffee, if the conditions are not allowed, try to drink black coffee. Milk coffee is to add milk, avoid the intake of food additives.

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