Staples flip! Rice steaming mud plantain

Tired of eating the same staple food rice or noodles? Now follow the United States well-known nutritionist, to transform the staple food for the dining table together, using Star food with a high nutritional value, instead of common staple food, not short change a new flavor, a new “food”, can also provide nutrition plus!

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Staples flip! Rice steaming mud plantainPlantains, Camden wheat, beans, noodles, and coconut flour food cuisine, not only adds an exotic flavor, you can also get lots of nutrition.

United States well-known Nutrition Division Christine ‧ grams sent Trek (Kristin Kirkpatrick) in United States Yahoo website recommended, in new of a years in, if wants to in staple up points new, eat out health and creative, may wish to using big banana, and card Sam wheat, and beans noodles, also has coconut flour made of food to cuisine, not only added exotic flavor, also can intake to many nutrition.

Bananas (Plantains): reduces inflammation

Plantains are central and South American countries every 4 households eat Staples, such as Dominica, but recently United States restaurants around, gradually began to supply plantain dishes.

2010 United Kingdom University of Liverpool study, dietary fiber for Crohn’s disease in the plantain (Crohn’s Disease), a chronic inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, have a therapeutic effect. According to the school’s strong ‧ Rhodes (Jon Rhodes) points out that Crohn’s disease occurred in the West, as a Western-style diet is more processed food, and contains less dietary fiber. In recent years, Japan also found that more and more people suffer from this disease, should be the impact of increasingly Westernized diet.

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