So you can thin! 5 habits how to eat to eat fat

“How to eat to eat fat women” always the envy of people can not help but sigh, maybe we are easily considered “physical problems”, but in fact these female habit seems to have a thing in common Oh. This time we are going to introduce, and how to eat to eat fat women “little habit” why.

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So you can thin! 5 habits how to eat to eat fat

Habit # 1: positive intake of hot food

Excessive intake of cold drinks or salads, desserts easy to gut the cold, so the slow operation of the parasympathetic, low stomach activity, likely to cause constipation, skin problems, metabolic variation to thin, prone to stomach. Therefore, than cold cold drink, or try to actively obtain hot beverages hot food bar.

Habit # 2: use spicy ingredients

Mioga, seven pepper or onion, mustard, ginger, can promote fat burning the body warm and smooth operation and other effects in the body.

But we forget these ingredients when cooking or eating out, make sure you use these ingredients to make dishes more delicious game.

Habit # 3: after 10 o’clock at night without food

Adjustment patterns of life in the human body “BMAL1” nature of the protein helps fat, one day will change according to the time zone difference. BMAL1 most nights from 10 o’clock to 2 o’clock, eating will be fat and therefore easier to note that small number of BMAL1 instead time to 2~3 points in the afternoon, is the most suitable time for eating.

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