Sleep aid supplement good food to eat sunflower seeds do not count sheep

Free sunflower seeds, are no longer just to pass the time, pure grind! Along with the progress of modern concepts of health, as well as improve the quality of life, the correct food casual snacks, can also reap unexpected health benefits. Among the many snack, nuts are a healthy choice, especially people who have insomnia, it may be a moderate amount of tryptophan-rich foods, one of the more representative of the food are nuts, including edible sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds are good sleeping baby.

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Sleep aid supplement good food to eat sunflower seeds do not count sheepInsomnia more than 2 million people in all of Taiwan, tryptophan-rich foods can be used to help sleep.

Insomnia more than 2 million people in all of Taiwan, causing life problems, why sleep need a moderate amount of tryptophan? Amino acid (Tryptophan) is a naturally occurring amino acid, is material of the brain manufacture serotonin. Role of serotonin can reduce neural activity, and relax, and sleep. Tryptophan-rich foods such as dairy products, eggs, nuts, sunflower seeds, Sesame, and pumpkin seeds as a representative.

Moderate intake of nuts, seeds add tryptophan helps sleep

In sunflower seeds, for example, can be said to be best in nuts, other than tryptophan-rich, and rich in vitamin b complex, vitamin b group could settle nerves, tryptophan collocation effect of vitamin b complex can also play a sleep aid. Other nutrients are also quite rich, eats a handful of sunflower seeds, will be able to meet the body’s daily requirement of vitamin e.

Major vitamin e is a good antioxidant, helps maintain normal nerve and muscle tissue and increases blood circulation. In addition, the sunflower seeds contain protein, fat, vitamins and minerals, including linoleic acid helps to keep the delicate skin to prevent skin dryness and pigmentation.

Although snacks with nuts under the spotlight, but for how to eat their way to safety and health, and without the burden, and more people care about things. According to the 2014 Taiwan snack food consumption and lifestyle survey (ITIS) found that consumer health attention more than delicious, and when choosing a snack food, in particular “low-calorie, natural ingredients and low salt low fat, no artificial added,” conditions.

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