Shocking: Taiwan health care in Asia, the world’s third!

As early as 2012, United States National Geographic Channel documentary, new horizons in Asia: Taiwan medical miracles: the Taiwan medical technology has long been renowned in the international, global top 200 hospitals in Taiwan accounted for 14 after the United States, and Germany, ranked 3rd in the world, is the 1th in Asia.

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Shocking: Taiwan health care in Asia, the world's third!

That same year, United Kingdom the Economist magazine when they were assessing the health of the world rankings, comprehensive indicators, Taiwan listed as 2nd in the world, second only to Sweden. Krugman the 2008 Nobel in Economics (Paul Krugman) have written article entitled ‘ pride, prejudice and insurance requires United States Government learn from Taiwan national health insurance experience, praised Taiwan national health insurance the world model.

In addition, the Taiwan area hospitals, 12 through the global medical community had recognized as the most credible of the JCI (Joint Commission International) international hospital accreditation, Taiwan’s health care system and the technology has reached the world level. All accreditation by JCI international hospitals, United States insurance company will pay for the medical clinic of the hospital’s costs.

Taiwan medical international

Another according to United Kingdom economics people (EIU-Economist Intelligence Unit) 2000 by do of national health appraisals, Taiwan people health level ranked global second, this have thanks to Taiwan quality of medical service, can carefully care out health of residents; Taiwan of medical standard already renowned international stage, in liver kidney transplant, and cranial yan surgery, and heart vascular surgical, and artificial reproductive and the joint replacement surgery, heavy syndrome more is international medical territories leader.

Rigorous medical training, and high standard of medical

Taiwan’s medical school, gathered a group of is recognized as Taiwan heads the smartest people, because only the best students can be enrolled in Medical Department, Taiwan medical students from all over Taiwan top 3,000 college entrance examination.

Taiwan doctors must receive extensive and rigorous training in medical education. Generally speaking, the medical student must be 7 years of medical education and training, including 4 years of basic medical courses, 2-year family medicine courses, 1 year of training interns, all of these medical education English education. After 3 years of professional training, residents also have specialist training and formal examinations. Finally, they must also complete their studies and published papers in order to become a qualified doctor.

On average, a medical student to become a physician must take a 12-13 time. Strict and lengthy medical education created a Taiwan high-quality physicians.

Professional services team, avoid personal bias

Taiwan doctors do a nuanced, disease pathology and surgical options to patients and their families has explained very clearly. Professional Division of labor uncertainty, each specializing in direction and sincerely cooperate with each other, are a team in the diagnosis and treatment, which can largely avoid any personal judgment biases.

Taiwan outside of doctors, nurses, hospitals, there are a lot of outside personnel such as Assistant Director, Ward Assistant, Finance Assistant, estate workers, volunteers and so on, are close to clinical services, refuse to let patients and their families at a loss, and provides a strong support system as a whole.

Advanced medical equipment, followed by the world

Taiwan medical resources is abundant, fierce competition between hospitals. Taiwan’s medical institutions are using the world’s most advanced medical equipment, for example, used CT scanners, MRI and FDG-technology for cancer screening, Cryoablation, argon-helium Cryoablation and image guided radiation therapy for cancer. These devices with even beyond Europe, numerous hospitals, and the applications of these technologies can effectively shorten the waiting time.

Da Vinci robotic surgery system come out and put into clinical use, was hailed as a milestone in the development of minimally invasive surgery, every system is worth tens of millions of dollars. By July 2012, the Taiwan equipment of the da Vinci robotic surgical system with 9 hospitals: joint Tri-Service General Hospital, Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taipei municipal hospitals, hospital and Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Eastern Memorial Hospital, Taipei Medical University Hospital, Taichung Veterans General Hospital, the Chi Mei Hospital.

Shocking: Taiwan health care in Asia, the world's third!

Taiwan medical has some of the highest in Asia, the world’s first strong AI:

-The Taiwan in 1987 set up Southeast Asia’s first Centre for cerebral pigments, has a complete team of specialists, subject to international recognition, including cleft lip repair success rate of 100%.

-The Taiwan Liver Transplant operation after 5-year survival rates, has surpassed the United States, is currently the world’s best living-related Liver Transplantation outcomes.

–The first heart transplant success in Asia in Taiwan complete coronary cardiac catheter stent placement success rate as high as 99%, the complications is less than 1%.

–Taiwan has the world’s highest order of 640 computer tomograph, currently the world’s only 20, Taiwan imported 3. Subjects can be completed in less than a heartbeat heart checks, shorten detection time, substantial reduction in subjects at doses of x-ray radiation, provides a comprehensive and single test, the cost is quite reasonable.

–Taiwan has no equal in the world of frozen egg technology, assisted reproduction pregnancy rate is higher than 37.7%, 27.7% live birth rates, and low cost compared with other countries.

–Taiwan has rich experience in artificial joint replacement surgery each year nearly 20,000 cases of clinical experience of artificial joint replacement and minimally invasive techniques, there are small wounds and is recovering fast and advantages of low infection rate.

Shocking: Taiwan health care in Asia, the world's third!

-The Taiwan famous biomaterials research, the successful development of Asians apply materials, in medicine, technology and international renown, and price of, compared to the rest of the world, has many advantages.

-The Taiwan Asia’s three largest bone marrow database, and completed more than one international match case.

-As technology advances, medical and surgical techniques have also been given precise, small cuts and quick recovery of an important mission, but so far, Taiwan has completed more than 10,000 cases of Microsurgical reconstruction surgery, successful experience far better than Europe and the United States.

-The most advanced ophthalmic technologies in LASIK (lamellar corneal reshaping surgery, Laser Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis), this high security laser shooter can be used for myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism correction, Taiwan there are many introduced eye clinic, and have hundreds of thousands of laser clinic success stories.

-A Taiwan dentist introducing advanced computer-guided minimally invasive implant surgery significantly shorten treatment time, higher safety, reducing pain and swelling after surgery.

–Taiwan unless there are many weight loss Center to help health plan outside, according to clinical trial results show that type II diabetes after gastric bypass surgery, blood sugar levels back to normal, the success rate of 93.3%, and performed the world’s first Laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery without scars.

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