Severe low blood sugar may deadly! Sugar control 4 Tips

Diabetes is a health stealth killer, survey found, in the diabetic patients in average every three have a suffering from hypoglycemia troubled, every two minutes there is a, severe hypoglycemia need others to rescue and physician reminders, compared with no symptoms of diabetes patients, severe hypoglycemia will increase 2 times the risk of cardiovascular disease, if more than 3 times of hypoglycemia, with dementia, 2 times hidden crisis, so the patient in the life self health management, not only to control the sugar, more stable sugar. Diabetic society of the Republic of China Chairman, Taichung Veterans General Internal Medicine Department Director Wayne Huey herng Sheu physician said a latest survey of Taiwan 834 type 2 diabetic patients over the past six months found about 12 bits each have one occurrence of severe hypoglycemia, the Taiwanese about 172 million diabetic patients calculation, about every 2 minutes on a diabetes suffering from severe hypoglycemia fallback, if not timely people from nearby to help, severe hypoglycemia even potentially fatal. Mild hypoglycemia Taiwan ranks highest on the other according to 1 across Asia, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand and other 5 KMT 2257 to oral medication in the treatment of type 2 diabetes research shows, to investigate the case over the past six months hypoglycemia condition. It is found that in Taiwan, about every three of the patients had a hypoglycemia; as a whole, Taiwan in patients with mild hypoglycemia for 5 of the most moderate hypoglycemia is the minimum, but severe hypoglycemia but leapt up to the second, should not be underestimated. [doctor remind: severe hypoglycemia can not be ignored, the survey found, nearly 7% of patients understand feel hunger, nausea and other symptoms of mild hypoglycemia will timely to add sugar, but may be due to the busy life or temporarily not to observe, if symptoms continue to deteriorate, there is no sense of crisis, skip directly to moderate into others in need of assistance of severe hypoglycemic symptoms, seems to have become a major worry for the control of blood glucose. The choice of hypoglycemia high risk group of medication should pay attention to the “National Taiwan University Department of medicine Chih Yuan Wang, MD, blood glucose level below 70 mg / dl is hypoglycemia, according to the generated symptoms can be divided into light, and severe from shaking, chills, to gradually feel weakness, blurred vision, even serious (severe) low blood

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