Say goodbye to fat life! Vitality juice drop body fat-“overcoming body fat” the topic

Body fat are necessary components to make up the human body, provides energy, maintain health, but modern people due to poor eating habits and a general lack of exercise, excessive body fat, resulting in “body fat percentage” is too high, a variety of chronic diseases the main fuse. Nutritionist said that in addition to exercise, drink a cup of nutritional and dietary fiber-rich fruits and vegetables juice, can not only provide energy, but also improve bowel movement and metabolism, reduce body fat, leave the “fat life.”

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Say goodbye to fat life! Vitality juice drop body fat-People generally have higher dietary fiber intake, body fat percentage, and want to reduce body fat ratio, we recommend at least 5 fruits and vegetables every day. (Photo/Jiang ć—»jun)

Hidden obesity! Skinny body fat ratio is too high

Taipei Municipal Chung Hau District Hospital, United Christian Hospital dietitian said Hong Ruopu, determine if they are obese, not just weight, more new medical health indicators are “body fat ratio”, so whether it is fat or skinny, situations that may have a high body fat ratio.

For example, Japan Sumo wrestlers look bloated, fat, but because the relation between body fat rate can be controlled within 30%; outer-skinny people don’t exercise, will still be hoarding a lot of fat in the body, high rate of fat, may even be higher than the wrestlers, is called the “hidden obesity.”

More accurate body fat ratio required by the instrument, if there is high, must further detection of blood pressure, blood sugar, liver function, confirm potential health risk factors, and find out the causes of obesity, then design a suitable and sustainable diet control, exercise and lifestyle changes.

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