Protein deficiency there is something wrong with food than medicine

“Summary”: protein is one of the six nutrients, which together with carbohydrates, fats, known as the three major nutrients, but its primary function is not to supply energy, but various parts of the human body, our hair, nail, skin and gut hormones, digestive enzymes, etc, are composed of protein. When the body lacks protein, the body will show a variety of symptoms, how to supplement protein?

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Protein deficiency there is something wrong with food than medicine

Proteins constitute the body the body of vital nutrients

Protein is an important component consisting of human cells, tissues, and body proteins are required to participate in the all important components, protein accounted for 18% of the total quality. Each organization of the human body: hair, skin, muscles, bones, organs, brain, blood, nervous, endocrine, etc are made of protein, so diet makes people, referring to the structure of proteins.

Except constitute human outside, protein also has carrier transport function, as transport oxygen of hemoglobin, and maintained body penetration pressure balance of white protein; antibody immune function, as constitute and update important of immune cell white cell, and lymphocytes, and giant bite cell,; formed enzyme of function, we body has thousands of species enzyme, enzyme has promote food of Digest, and absorption, and using of role; hormone of regulation function, as constitute insulin, and growth hormone,.

When lack of proteins, the body’s initial drop in metabolic rate, decrease of resistance to diseases, vulnerable to disease and other, if prolonged lack of organ damage occurs, growth stunting may occur in children, adults appear protein malnutrition nutritional deficiency diseases.

What symptoms suggest that lack of protein?

In fact, lack of protein and not just protein intake is not enough, also include the problem of unbalanced protein intake. This is because proteins are composed of amino acids, 8 amino acids that the body cannot itself, through food intake, this 8 kinds of amino acids are called essential amino acids. When you lack essential amino acids, synthesis of important proteins cannot be part, there will be some sort of protein deficiency symptoms.

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