Prevention of embryonic development, we should start from the start bit by bit

the child’s birth, is the most afraid of each prospective mother thing. If the emergence of a child to stop the development of how to prevent bit by bit? Next we’ll learn about it. 1 in the treatment of maternal disease: many maternal chronic diseases, such as high blood pressure, diabetes or thyroid abnormalities, will increase aborted the opportunity, so before pregnancy should check, if found the problem, should first treatment pregnant again. 2 avoid poison in the environment: pregnant women don’t smoke, drink alcohol, avoid by all means without a doctor’s prescription drug. As for drugs such as heroin, can lead to fetal death. Pollution in the environment or poisons, such as PCBs and Deosin, may also cause fetal death. These situations should be avoided as far as possible. 3 to adjust the work and rest: many studies found that work burden, will increase the premature birth, abortion, stillbirth and he and growth retardation of the opportunity, so pregnant women should be to adjust the work and rest, to have a good rest. 4 on time production inspection that pregnant women should be according to the provisions of the time production inspection, early detection of problems, such as gestational diabetes or gestational hypertension, and timely processing, not only can reduce stop child education and intrauterine fetal death, but also to ensure the maternal safety. 5 pay attention to prenatal education: prenatal education can provide information, so that pregnant women to understand the physiological changes in pregnancy and should be noted, so as to reduce the risk of miscarriage. 6 note epidemic disease: some infectious diseases, will not only cause Taiting brood and intrauterine fetal death, and even if the fetus to survive, but also serious sequelae such as measles. So if you don’t have the measles antibody before pregnancy, you should first get the vaccine to be pregnant again. If you are pregnant, only to find no antibodies, then during the disease epidemic, as far as possible to avoid public places, to avoid being infected. 7 pay attention to sexual life: some of the infectious diseases, can cause fetal death or major malformations, such as syphilis. To avoid multiple sexual partners, or the use of condoms, can prevent venereal infection. If there is a phenomenon of infection, it should be treated as soon as possible. This article is a small series of the collection and transfer from the network to provide more readers to share. For all the reproduced, we will indicate the original author and the source, if there is a violation of copyright or copyright, please leave a message, we will be the first time to delete.
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