On the “tattoo” everything you don’t know!

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keyword:On the “tattoo” everything you don’t know! ” >

keyword:On the “tattoo” everything you don’t know! ” >

Tattoo (tattoo), also known as tattoos, or tattoos, is the color with the needle into the skin on the bottom and on the skin make some designs or characters, which pierce the skin ruptures permanent design with paint on it.

Late in the most popular tattoo designs on the Internet, not all kinds of words, figures or geometric patterns, but “semicolon”. Is; ← this.

keyword:On the “tattoo” everything you don’t know! ” >

Many people share online photos of themselves a semicolon, like a fashion. However, this is not just a simple fashion, semicolon, hidden behind a project called #ProjectSemicolon.

keyword:On the “tattoo” everything you don’t know! ” >

This semicolon campaign we can call our aim of which is to support those who struggle with depression, suicide, drug abuse, self-mutilation problems people. It aims to break the perceived bad impressions of people with mental health problems.

Semicolon is the pause between a period and a comma punctuation mark. Activities initiated in the campaign said on its website that “a semicolon is when the author of the sentence has come to an end, but he chooses to continue using symbols. “So semicolon is given does not mean the end of the story, referring to both articles, also referred to as life.

keyword:On the “tattoo” everything you don’t know! ” >

Now, there are more artists in the tattoo industry, and also creates more different styles for tattoos. Even if you’re not a tattoo enthusiast, can also be seen on Twitter app in recent years in many of the most popular tattoo techniques, geometric patterns of the universe theme.

We love beauty, but for the tattoo, we also have a lot of questions. I’m really not suitable for tattoos? tattoos what does it hurt? tattoo fat what … … Tattoos are personal, but it is actually a foreign operation, in most cases this will be with you. Even the tattoo artist, tattoo to remind you before – impulse is the devil.

In this issue we AO yangao tattoo founder interviewed in Beijing, to learn about the good and bad about tattoo, past and present, and changes in fashion.

  • Answering the classroom

Q1. tattoo hurt?

Online tattoo artist to do a tattoo pain chart, suitable references could be made, but the pain itself is an individual matter. Charts for people who are going to the tattoo, if you have tattoo experience before, you probably won’t experience too much pain, because sometimes the pain comes from the psychological factor of the unknown.

keyword:On the “tattoo” everything you don’t know! ” >

Q2. after the tattoo are fat or thin, what will happen?

Tattoos can be thought of as a vector diagram, pattern with percentage change as you get fatter or thinner, integrity of the pattern itself is not affected. Wrong unless it is a tattoo artist techniques or pick out patterns in the recovery process, or a breakpoint and bump will not occur.

Q3. what kind of person could do tattoos?

Of heart disease and diabetes patients cannot do the tattoo. Pregnancy status and physiological period women are not allowed to do.

Q4. tattoo before you do something?

Don’t stay up late, drinking and body in a comfortable State, recovery in order to achieve the best. If the secret location, remember to shower again. Professional tattoo artist will help guests before the tattoo pigment allergy testing, in a secret location to test the pigment used for allergies, and see if the guest scar skin, although rarely, but cannot be ignored. These tests also can help you understand the pain of tattooing.

keyword:On the “tattoo” everything you don’t know! ” >

Q5. tattoo is not can not shower?

Shower, tattoo after 3 hours remove wrap with warm water wash tattoo, just try not to hit before the wound healing body wash and shampoo. Requested by the tattoo artist tattoo put on drugs, before the wound is not well avoid eating spicy food. Generally 7 days off the crust, can be fully recovered within a month.

Q6.: tattoos can be removed?

Yes, but it’s difficult to wash off completely, expensive and cumbersome price also died. Whenever we have guests before the tattoo, the first words I said to them was “impulse”

  • In the world of tattoos, they are the icon

Most dress flower arm Uncle

Served as a United States boutique department store Neiman Marcus, men’s fashion Director at Bergdorf Goodman, Nick Wooster is known as “the grandfather of the tide in the world”, is a favorite of Street photographers. Nick thought tattoos will never be a single: “separate a tattoo is like a drug, you ultimately want a complete flower arm. “Nick has tattoos on both arm and leg, one arm was a Japan friend fencing, another is made by a United States friends in Los Angeles to help him design. He said tattoos on the calf in order to tie in with his newly-bought a designer pair of shorts, but there seems to be a tattoo after his “pants + shoes” like it is growing.

keyword:On the “tattoo” everything you don’t know! ” >

The fashion world national icon

David Beckham (David Beckham) body over more than 30 tattoos, could not remember his wife, even his ban: “must not add new tattoo!”

David Beckham on the left also extends to the waist line of Cursive Chinese tattoo “life and death, life, rich in days,” his 2008 specially flew to Hong Kong, find the most famous tattoo artists in the local production, has caused Chinese character tattoo fever tattoo at the time.

keyword:On the “tattoo” everything you don’t know! ” >

Black goddess arm

Monami Frost is a hot ticket on Instagram, friends gave her a worthy of the name “black arm goddess” Monami Frost now are mothers, but the face of an Angel and Devil’s body size and body-strewn pattern that she still is a hot topic on the Internet people.

Monami Frost body tattoos her lover Anrijs Straume–a young tattoo artist Anrijs Straume was a focus on realism, traditional culture has a unique understanding of the new tattoo artist, but his wife Monami Frost tattoos should be most proud of his life’s work.

keyword:On the “tattoo” everything you don’t know! ” >

This yangao master and “play with their brains community” to launch monthly quota of 3 free tattoo experience, experience designers will be given over several days of exclusive hand-painted custom tattoo designs (each picture has copyright protection, ensure that the unique), and you can choose tattoo makers or collection of tattoo designs!

Free activities to specific entry steps and please pay attention to “playing up to travel with” public official letter number: hiyiqiwan

keyword:On the “tattoo” everything you don’t know! ” >

Playing • play together “earned” world, one can be truly free to the world!

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