Not suitable for pregnant women

Want a baby, mom treasure treasure dad who will do some preparation, eating and exercise really pay attention to, or Chinese medicine aftercare body in advance. But there is one important link, super Jun to remind everyone to go: pre pregnancy check. In order to advance the adjustment, must do the pre pregnancy check, once found the problem immediately adjust. The following several cases, is not suitable for pregnant baby. Not suitable for pregnant women not suitable for pregnant population. Such as anemia patients with anemia of women if not treated in time, after pregnancy may lead to malnutrition, can also aggravate anemia, and fetal intrauterine growth retardation, premature birth or stillbirth danger. For pregnant women, it may cause heart failure and heart failure, postpartum hemorrhage, postpartum infection, etc., so the anemia of women is better to wait until after the treatment of anemia and then pregnancy. 2. Heart disease if pregnancy with heart disease and didn’t get timely and effective treatment, pregnant woman is very likely there will be heart function is not complete, leading to abortion, premature delivery, placental function not congruent. 3 liver disease if pregnant women with liver disease, is likely to infect the baby. So women with liver disease in the first best to determine the condition has been controlled to be stable, 10 million can not be pregnant in the infectious period of liver disease. And after pregnancy must follow the doctor’s advice to hepatitis A vaccine, to block the possibility of transmission to the baby. 4 kidney disease with kidney disease of women pregnant, not only pregnant women may suffer from pregnancy induced hypertension syndrome, is not conducive to the development of the fetus, may cause fetal growth retardation, serious will also cause miscarriage, premature birth, etc.. Pregnant women may also suffer from renal failure and uremia. 5 hypertensive patients with high blood pressure are more likely to suffer from pregnancy induced hypertension syndrome. 6 diabetic women with diabetes in pregnancy is easy to merge pregnancy diabetes, if not very good control, may lead to miscarriage, premature birth, and even a huge child. 7 if pregnant women with infectious tuberculosis, pregnancy may lead to miscarriage, premature. If taking anti tuberculosis drugs during pregnancy, it is bound to affect the development of the fetus. Matters needing attention to after the baby’s health and reduce more than eight diseases harmful to pregnant women, ultra Bao Jun recommended for pregnant couples must pre pregnancy check-up, if there is disease must timely treatment, to listen to the opinions of the doctor. Such as the treatment of diabetes if the hypoglycemic drugs to insulin, you can avoid the drug caused fetal malformation may. Over the king of all the couples have a perfect baby.

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