North high nutrition slim eat dumplings calories

“Summary”: dumplings, high heat, North dumpling Super 30% fat, to control the heat from dumplings, dumpling production methods, methods of cooking and eating is quite exquisite.

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North high nutrition slim eat dumplings calories

During Spring Festival, the dumplings will become an indispensable to the seasonal dining. Most common is the Spring Festival family reunion when the dumplings. Place dumplings on the new year time, to a festive, Geely. Pack coins, wrapped in candy bars, home child care most about who eats special dumplings.

With a variety of meat, eggs, fish, shrimp stuffing and seasonal fresh vegetables, animal sources of pig meat, eggs and shrimp plant sources of leek, cabbage, celery, fennel, carrots, green onions, tomatoes, cucumber, green pepper, green beans, and so on. Stuffing ingredients varied, almost no stuffing, add some favorite sauce to make stuffed pasta has a unique flavor, very delicious.

Dumplings contain many nutrients the body needs

Except delicious zhiwai, dumplings of does have its nutrition reasonable of advantage, dumplings skin is with flour do of, belongs to staple, also has meat and vegetables, dumplings of making raw materials nutrients type complete, it is staple and and grocery, both meat dishes and has vegetarian, contains meet human need of variety nutrients, is most meet China residents dietary Guide by advocate of food diverse principles, meet balance dietary of requirements.

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