Low blood sugar or more terrible than diabetes

Blood glucose control target is not the lower the better, elderly patients or patients with heart disease should be appropriate to relax the control of blood glucose, postprandial blood glucose in the 10mmol/l or so. Low blood sugar or more terrible than diabetes professor Zhao Shi, director of the Department of endocrinology at the Central Hospital of Wuhan, explained that blood glucose should be maintained in a relatively stable range to maintain the normal operation of the human body. Perception of the elderly is relatively weak, the blind pursuit of hypoglycemia value is likely to let them skip the palpitation, dizziness, sweating and hypoglycemia reaction directly in a coma. “Some patients are nearly 70 years old, still hope that the fasting blood glucose dropped to 5mmol/l following, two hour postprandial blood glucose once more than 8mmol/l that control is not good, even to increase the dosage; also some patients with the effect of sugar has been very good, but also on their own with insulin. These practices can directly lead to low blood sugar, sometimes, hypoglycemia is more terrible than diabetes.” Source: 39 Health Network

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