Lean ABS 6 rule pastry also made the difference

Lose weight just enough looking, good weight but also take into account the shape of the sculpture! In order to build a lean six pack and vest line, many people join in fitness weight loss, but the same actions and the amount of exercise, some successful, some fat is not moving mountains. Fitness instructor pointed out that key may be in the diet, is recommended 6 diet principles, use of high protein snacks for muscle growth, coupled with heat control, can also help weight loss and body sculpting.

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Lean ABS 6 rule pastry also made the differenceWeight loss not just to lose weight, but also take into account the shape sculpture, in addition to proper exercise every training action, also want to go with the right diet.

Quickly build a six Pack 6 golden rules

Che Zhijian majored in nutrition at the University of Hong Kong’s top fitness trainer believes that eating right, body can be one step ahead. Want to quickly build abdominal muscles, diet has 6 great principles, including heavy diet eating 6 small meals a day,, inverted triangle starch intake method, to have protein at every meal and fiber food, intake of whole grains, starchy foods, eat more fibrous foods and protein foods of choice.

“Top-heavy diet” refers to the son of the metabolism on most expected, ate a big breakfast after every meal and then slowly decrease. “Inverted triangle starch intake method” principle is a result out much starch can cause elevated blood sugar, stimulate insulin secretion, converts calories into fat, therefore recommends that noon 1/4 of all food intake of starch, and starch intake but should gradually decrease after noon, to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

3 meals a day, 6 small meals average distribution of nutrients more “muscular”

More importantly, breaking the previous 3 meals/day, per meal at least 5 hours between eating habits. Che Zhijian coach said this way of eating will make muscles do not get sufficient nutrients for a long time, causing growth to slow down or even halt, and his meals apart for too long, making every meal is in a State of hunger, you know it will eat too much food, can result in abdominal obesity.

Recommendation to eat a small meal every 3 hours, or 6 meals a day, divided equally caloric intake can only be equal distribution of body nutrients to accelerate muscle growth. But to avoid people sleep, the body is in staying up late working, last meal, not more than 200 calories a day.

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