How to play sex “long war”?

Life lasting is a dream for many men, sustained combat effectiveness not only makes men feel more confident, but also give women the full enjoyment of sexual pleasure, sexual life with passion. But how do you do last? in addition to a healthy body and superb sex skills, sex a protracted war also need to pay attention to what point?

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Men with premature ejaculation, “” life is short, play the woman required a protracted war, overshadowed sex, relationship discord or even cheating, many men dream about the perennial problem. Shuguang male Hospital of sexual dysfunction, according to medical experts, told about the overall incidence of male sexual dysfunction, the incidence of premature ejaculation is the highest. With the increase of age, men were increasingly powerless, it is possible that many middle-aged men living and working too much pressure was suffering from heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, prostatitis, caused by diseases such as mental illness.

Is the common experience of the lives of two people, the so-called “bed little” flee helter-skelter succumbing to less than three minutes, the pain is not only women, and men themselves have a great sense of injury. Sexual anxiety because men far more than women, men always do believe time and lasting capabilities. According to the survey, 50% per cent of men believe that premature ejaculation, “” life is short, are the most troubled issues. So, men, most women say is not his, said he heard a “useless”, that his self-esteem and self confidence is down, his pain no less than women.

Perhaps because of this, men are taller than women care more about the effect of exercise on, nearly 65% man admits movement is to “have the strength to prolong sex time, meet each other better”, while men with 25.78% selective products to improve and strengthen their performance.

On the “long war” the cause of the failure

Can lay a couple of “long war” and decided to “sex” factor is the length of the maximum tolerance to arousal levels (thresholds), which is “sex” life along the length of “smart switch”. Brain Center activity (sexual desire, sexual fantasy), Visual (Visual stimulation of women’s looks, the naked), hearing (sweet, affectionate words), smell (womanly scent), touch (physical, genital contact, friction, sources of sexual stimulation, the sensitive switches for reaction to occur. Among them, the sensitive decision value (threshold) is the most important source of sexual stimulation tactile stimulation and brain Center activity.

So, for tactile stimulation is too sensitive and excitability of the brain are too high tend to end early “sex” life, premature ejaculation occurs. Error such as phimosis, masturbation and relief, unhealthy sexuality, or having bad sex before marriage, or illegitimate sexual intercourse and other sexual life and lack of negative factors of knowledge, habit or form a wrong model of this medicine called the formation of a “pathological reflexes.”

Also led to the “long war” the reasons for failure include:

1, physical health factors:

Physical weakness, fatigue, lack of sufficient rest, or other diseases of the body, sex is not appropriate. If you force yourself to sex, the body will instinctively protective measures, sexual intercourse as soon as possible in order to protect health, premature ejaculation appears, protracted failure is inevitable.

2, spiritual and environmental factors:

A bad mood, relationship problems, or having sex, people were poor, too much tension and fear can affect sex sex, mind, subconscious aspirations of ending sexual intercourse as soon as possible, leading to a protracted war failed.

3, inflammation:

When genital inflammation, such as urethritis, prostatitis cases, due to inflammatory stimulation, can easily lead to the early end of the reaction, “the long war” failed. After the inflammation cure, you can play a couple of the “long war”.

This shows that sex long game needs not only the healthy body and good performance, good psychological quality and State of mind are very important, so want to experience lasting sex, physical and mental needs a good workout.

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