Friends of diabetes, such as war, fight like a war”!

When the changes of blood glucose below the 2.8 mmol / L, it is necessary to prevent hypoglycemia. A lot of people know, as the main thing in a diabetic patient every day is the time monitoring of their blood glucose, make blood sugar in normal range values, however, some patients due to improper control of blood glucose, resulting in high blood sugar, tried a variety of ways to reduce the blood sugar, such as fasting, excessive exercise, irregular meals and these are not effective scientific hypoglycemic way. If you choose the above method may lead to low blood sugar caused by hypoglycemia. Friends of diabetes, such as war, fight like a war to determine the method of low blood sugar symptoms of hypoglycemia are mainly hunger, fatigue, sweating, etc.. In our daily life, the majority of diabetic friends think, when the hungry, the first thought is the occurrence of hypoglycemia, but some of the diabetic friends in the consumption of sugar containing food, found that the symptoms did not disappear, blood glucose monitoring after the discovery is still very high, and not because of low blood sugar. Wuxi Jiashi Hengxin Hospital diabetes club expert introduction of high blood sugar can also make patients produce a sense of hunger. Therefore, when the sense of hunger, to timely monitoring of blood glucose, determine their blood sugar is high or low, in order to get the right treatment. High blood sugar can also cause people to have a sense of hunger, we want to know the friends know why low blood sugar can lead to hunger. The healthy person in the postprandial blood glucose rise, because the blood glucose stimulated the hypothalamus, and the hypothalamus is the main responsibility for the sense of hunger and the function, will make people produce

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