FOS help slim! Eating bananas, onion

The weather is getting hot, clothes through the little, you ready to start your weight-loss plan? What foods to eat to enhance weight loss, beauty are most concerned about the topic. Overseas research found that FOS in dietary fiber can regulate intestinal hormones, can help to lose weight!

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FOS help slim! Eating bananas, onionBanana fruit-rich oligosaccharides, can regulate intestinal function, increases satiety, and make weight loss easier. (Pictures/drawn from The Active Times)

As we all know, heavy while cellulose intake reduction, increase satiety and promotes intestinal peristalsis. However, the fiber really help slim you? To learn more about foods high in fiber helps weight control, FOS, one of dietary fiber from abroad for study and FOS exists in natural fruits and vegetables such as bananas, onions.

Achieve found that mice eat FOS less weight gain

United States Sports website “The Active Times” reported that Canada University of Calgary (University of Calgary) to do an experiment, two groups of mice were fed a high fat, high sugar foods, and do not limit the consumption of rats. However, the researchers fed one group of mice a FOS.

For some time after the discovery, unscrupulous even rats can eat food high in calories, but the mice that ate more FOS, less weight gain than another group of mice by one-third.

Strengthening of the regulation of intestinal flora intestinal function

Studies have found that obese mice ate more FOS, their gut bacteria Ecology with lean very close. Researchers noted that FOS can regulate intestinal bacteria and increase bowel control satiety hormones, increase satiety and avoid overeating.

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