Festival promoting detoxification diet adds, subtracts, divides the cauliflower

Every lunar new year Spring Festival, many appetite without limits, results of eating, not be figured, is the accumulation of toxins in the body, nutritionists recommend new year diet in mind, “adding,” the principle of health not to gain weight, and more intake of cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, can improve the body’s self detoxification, physical health.

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Festival promoting detoxification diet adds, subtracts, divides the cauliflowerFresh fruits and vegetables such as the cruciferous and anthocyanin-containing, with the activation of the second type of detoxification enzymes function, can strengthen the self detoxification of the body. (Photo/Luo Huiwen)

Festival body or failure of implementation of “arithmetic operations” Management Act

Taiwan international life science communication group Convenor, said Wang Jinkun, President of international society for health and nutrition, new year high oil high sodium foods, many diets do not control, weight gain after you finish the year about 1.7 to 2.5 kilograms, she is of “clock,” recommendations “adding, health administration law” to reduce obesity and its subsequent risks such as high blood pressure, diabetes.

What is meant by “adding, health administration law”?

1. Add: refers to the additional high quality protein and natural, high quality protein for soy protein, milk protein, foods such as soybeans, black beans and milk, fruit and vegetables to cruciferous foods is the first choice.

2. less: refers to the reduced calorie intake, 7 full brunch, dinner 3 full, reducing the sweets and sugary drinks, eating high GI value foods such as refined flour products, not overeating.

3.: “take the” group of friends struggle with weight loss, mutual encouragement, exercise, weight loss, increased chances of success can be obtained from 20% to 85%.

4. Subject: is the habit of removing greasy food, remove the oil content of meat or fried foods, for example, a fried chicken leg could be as high as 1400 to 1500 kcal of heat, but peeling reduces 400 calories, Potato Fries, calories are increased by at least 4 times.

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