Fat quickly dumped the new year! Towel 3 weight loss and body sculpting

Too little, eating too much fat during the Spring Festival, to close on his first day at work feeling a too tight on you? Quickly grasp the 1 month of gold weight, fitness trainer towel stretch, activate metabolism, accelerate the Elimination of body fat and cellulite, sculptured slim fit and prepared for the increasingly bright spring sunshine.

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Fat quickly dumped the new year! Towel 3 weight loss and body sculptingDemonstration: squat exercises. (Image/he Jun Ming fitness coaching, business/Jiang ć—»jun)

Towels, sports, sweat, not only a good helper, use towel exercise also can support the action in place, pressure on various parts of the body, accelerate the consumption of thermal energy has also helped local obesity waist, hips and other parts of the movement, to sculpture in shape.

Towel exercises reduce remodeling according to MO greed

Fitness trainer he Jun Ming model 3 towels, beginners do 3 rounds every day, can achieve a slimming effect of the basic amount, along with the body after exercise intensity when, slowly increasing to 15 to 20 rounds a day, enhance the effect of slimming weight loss, but also helps to build muscle strength, sculptured body lines.

However, in particular, to remind that, towel exercise is different from gymnastics, the operation should be slow, especially middle-aged people, do not force, should relate to their physical bodies, so as to avoid injury. In addition, the movement do not tighten towel suddenly let go of power, to maintain natural upright upper body leaning back, stretching the muscles in a safe state.

“1th/squat gymnastics”

  • Action: stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, hands flat forward to maintain balance. Hands flat grip the towel, take a deep breath and slowly squat down, ass have the feeling of sitting in the air above the Chair back. When you squat, attention to the back straight and knees no more than their toes, so as to avoid injury to the knee. Hands maintained horizontally and grip as well as pose, exhale and slowly stood up.
  • Description: squat and stand up slowly, stretched to 30 seconds at a time, 3 times. This action not only helps fat burning slimming, you can also train the gluteus maximus muscles, quadriceps and thighs back muscles and simultaneously train core muscles, get rid of lumbo-abdominal fat, build body lines.

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