Fall cooking grapefruit helps reduce blood fat of stomach-nourishing and moistening dryness

The cooler weather in the fall, raw fruit, belly seem to love “moods”, try cooking the fruit to eat, although raw compared to losses of heat-sensitive vitamins, plant elements, in addition to stomach dryness, also have lungs, preventing diarrhoea, cough, lipid-lowering benefits.

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Fall cooking grapefruit helps reduce blood fat of stomach-nourishing and moistening drynessGrapefruit peel apart from direct more prosperous, but also help to choose reduced-fat way of cooking food.

★ Cooking grapefruit helps reduce blood fat

Grapefruit can run lung and bowel, spleen Qi and resolving phlegm, lipid. Boiled grapefruit honey citron tea is the most common way. Pomelo Peel with a knife to scrape thin, grapefruit to tear the meat into small pieces; cut pomelo rinds into clean water, boil 10 minutes; then into the flesh of the fruit simmer for 1 hour, cool honey and mix.

Steaming Orange cough.

★ Cooking Apple prevent diarrhea

Every year around November, is high risk of diarrhea, and cooked apples can help ease symptoms of diarrhea. Apples contain tannic acid and pectin and tannic acid is intestinal astringent and can reduce the moisture in the stool, Cook pectin also has astringent, antidiarrheal effect. Rich Apple peels contain tannic acid, pectin also wound in the flesh and peel the apples boil water or to avoid loss of active ingredients.

★ Sydney cooking help to moistening the lung

Autumn is the best season of nourishing lung, eat pears to make fire, nourishing yin for moistening dryness of the lung. PEAR cold, boiled PEAR soup makes it less cold, dryness-fire role better. Someone like cooked pears cut off dig PEAR PEAR skin, core, this is not desirable, PEAR skin lungs and relieving cough best, cooking soup directly cut pears washed, Cook and serve.

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