Dried persimmon skin dryness and relieve fatigue a day

“Summary”: in the winter, whether it is the supermarket or fruit on the streets of shops is not difficult to see dried persimmon. Persimmon persimmon is ripe in the autumn season, after more than a month after the harvest of products, more conducive to long-term preservation, ancestors can be said to be one of the living crystal. In fact, Tan Cheng Shigan persimmons not only helps save, for women more amazing cosmetic results, Japan Cafe hidden in the persimmon googirl to introduce beauty effect!

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Dried persimmon skin dryness and relieve fatigue a dayDried persimmon contains fresh persimmon 5 times times the beta carotene, has potent antioxidant effects. (Picture 39, health network)

Dried persimmon contains what cosmetic ingredients?

Dried persimmon contains β-carotene of fresh persimmons 5 times, from a professional point of view to interpret, β-carotene has potent antioxidant effects, reactive oxygen species in the body can be removed at the same time, also according to body into vitamin a, may strengthen the mucous membrane function to improve your immune system, helps prevent colds during the fall/winter season. In addition, β-carotene also the people in the fall and winter seasons generally worry about dry skin has a good effect. Eat a persimmon to warm internal organs, adjusting the recovery of gastrointestinal function, relieve fatigue strength.

Dried persimmon dietary fiber content is to force

Dried persimmon gradually in due to the drying process moisture loss, dietary fiber content and the line up for mitigation, improved, and an important role in prevention of constipation, and dietary fiber can absorb cholesterol, cholesterol out. At the time, a lot of people eat almost every meal outside, meat is not uncommon, but the fruit and vegetable intake line reduced dietary fiber intake is far from enough to meet human needs, also constipation occurred more frequent and widespread.

For this part for people plagued by lack of dietary fiber, a dried persimmon, as afternoon snack every day will be able to meet the demand for dietary fiber.

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