Doctors throw ten kilograms of soya-bean milk tomato meat increased satiety

No time to exercise, mouth still can’t stop? Needless to say, such distance weight loss so far. However, if the same is too lazy to exercise, they know how to manage the total calories in and out, in fact, weight loss is not a dream. A family physician is through such methods and lose 10 kg of fat.

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Doctors throw ten kilograms of soya-bean milk tomato meat increased satietyFamily medicine physician suggested that eating tomatoes, you can have a very good sense of satiety.

“Doctor, you eat a full breakfast, lunch to eat well, eat less at night will be thin? Why am I fat? “Family medicine physician Chen Huang said that high and low weight, depending on whether the total calories for the negative balance, don’t care too much about what meals to eat more and eat less.

Office workers eat out a lot is still to control the total quantity of heat

Many Office workers cannot help but complain: “almost always eat out, to control the total calorie intake is really very difficult, what should I do? “Chen Huang light physician said, has several is simple of digital required remember, including to weight view, daily each kg need of heat for 30 kcal, in other words, a mild work of work family, weight 60 kg, daily need of heat that for 1800 kcal, if day within eat into of heat is greater than this digital, on will cumulative up, once cumulative up 7700 kcal on is equal to more out 1 kg, bit this analogy.

“Ask the physician, exactly what to eat to be skinny? “In fact, as long as it is to eat, is the increased heat, only” do not eat “and” eat less “will be thin. Any food calories is to eat more fat, unless they are suffering from severe diabetes, light will eat as much weight as possible.

Following are Chen Huang physicians in the work of the Office workers of small and thin in life plan and recommend it to all weight loss options:

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