Crazy run for all! Must know the Raiders 7 road running to prepare for

Recent sports brands invite DJ would take Liu Hsuen, Diva Jolin to run before and after Expo, advocate running fun and sharing the road preparing for the Raiders. Used to run a half marathon would take Liu Hsuen favorite jogging lately, has a lot of road running experiences he has to share with us some of his run when little guide so that they are either beforehand or afterwards are able to successfully complete a trip perfect jogging journey.

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Crazy run for all! Must know the Raiders 7 road running to prepare for

Preparing for the Raiders 1/prepared a set of like running music list

While exercising, fairly fast beat will make more lasting endurance, beyond the usual efficiency of motion, it would take Liu Hsuen think selecting a set of your favorite music can run for a long time become boring.

Preparing for the Raiders 2/a pair of shoes

Choosing the right pair of running shoes can help runners avoid injuries, but participants wore the usual practice when running used to wear those shoes.

Preparing for the Raiders 3/a comfortable outfit

A set of functional clothing is the key to run, while winter road would take Liu Hsuen said, it is recommended to wear warm function and wicking function of athletic wear, can help runners low temperature and not easy to catch a cold.

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