Chocolate drink oil like fat rejection smart 5 eating

Valentines day is coming, many couples cannot escape Convention to send chocolate to express admiration and love, do not harm him (her) fat! The National Health Department reminds, chocolate bouquets of romantic 10 chocolate all broke, down 16.5 teaspoon cooking oil, sweet in the mouth, or fat in the body.

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Chocolate drink oil like fat rejection smart 5 eatingCocoa in dark chocolate is rich in many minerals and flavonoids, with antioxidant effects and maintain blood pressure.

State Health Department, said most of the chocolate making process, sugar or other ingredients are added, resulting in very high in calories, eating chocolate seems to “drink the oil.” According to the survey, eating 100 grams of milk sold chocolates, 552 calories calories, drink 12.3 teaspoon cooking oil with 10 chocolate bouquet of chocolate packaging, heat up to 744 calories, eat a bunch of drink 16.5 teaspoon cooking oil, equivalent to 2.7 bowl of rice.

Smart eating chocolate body without the burden

In fact, chocolate is not completely without merit, Devil’s food, cacao dark chocolate is rich in potassium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, zinc and other minerals, and antioxidant flavonoids (flavonoids), is a type of plant chemical composition, antioxidant capacity, stable blood pressure, improving vascular endothelial function, reducing blood clots, such as oxidation and inflammation.

It is important, “how wise to eat? “The State Health Department with 5 choice secret lovers love when love to taste and enjoy chocolate, but also reduce the burden on health.

“Chocolate tips on Smart eating 5”

1. Select the calories and low sugar chocolate

Priority purchase lower-calorie chocolate, for example, the same brand stuffed milk chocolate 100 g 564 calories, weight with chocolate hazelnut was 524 calories, choose the latter low heat compared to reduce intake of 0.9 teaspoon cooking oil.

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