What do these, even the dog days!

Is between three days and it is the beginning of autumn, the highest temperature of the year and damp, humid day. The meaning of the potential. “Three days” of the “V” refers to “fuxie”. The so-called “six evils” (referred to as “wind, cold, heat, wet, dry, fire”) in the summer heat. The so-called “dog days”, “three days” refers to the lunar calendar, which is one of the year’s hottest period of time. The first day of today is to enter

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Double fold eyelid surgery, how to choose a safe and reliable effect?

In the last few years, when the college entrance examination is over, there will be a peak in the students’ plastic and plastic surgery, of which more than 90% of female students, including the choice of double eyelid and nose surgery to occupy the majority of people. That double eyelid plastic surgery how to do is more safe and reliable, and the effect is good? Jinan University, the First Affiliated Hospital of plastic surgery, Dr. Lu Jinqiang, dr.. common double

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