Acupuncture and embedding taboo! TCM diet stopped listening-“embedding for weight reduction easy? The topic “

Currently available in common Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, catgut-lose weight, but really effective? Taipei Medical University Hospital Director Colin Gong instrument on traditional medicine in Republic of China Society for the study of obesity 13th annual meeting and Symposium, said whether acupuncture, or embedding, short-term weight loss effects, but it has its risks and contraindications, including fatigue, tension, or those suffering from chronic diseases, are not suitable.

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Acupuncture and embedding taboo! TCM diet stopped listening-Professional and should consult your doctor before the weight loss.

Lin Gongyi physician said, buried line weight loss is acupuncture weight loss of extends and development, most main is according to patients of life habits, and body symptoms, personal differences to for selected points, through catgut on the Department points produced stimulus, and Meridian conditioning blood of effect, accelerated local of metabolism, such can inhibit obesity who of appetite, and promote stomach road Digest absorption, reduced heat intake, addition also can through buried line to adjustment endocrine, increased body fat decomposition, reached local sculpture of purpose.

Physicians may use a bit of syrup-soaked catgut, together with special needles for embedding, among the points needed to put the line in, the effect is just like acupuncture. Different acupuncture stimulation only in the present, and acupuncture and moxibustion applied the need 20-30 minutes at a time, and embedding only take a few minutes to complete part of the work, duration as long as 7-10 days, 24 hours a day, local is doing a passive exercise for losing weight.

Acupuncture weight loss is to use metal needles stimulate the acupuncture points to curb obesity appetite, promote the adjustment of its metabolism and its nutritional absorption, dredges, conditioning the role of yin and Yang, menstrual disorder, menopause, hormone caused by obesity have significant effects. Also by stimulating certain points, are slim.

Based on previous clinical observation, treatment effectiveness of 97% for the first time. But for acupuncture weight loss, does not mean that there is no need pay attention to diet, if the results are satisfactory, you will have to adjust diet, eat low-sugar, low-fat and low-energy food, or it may backfire.

Lin Gongyi physician and reminded, acupuncture points buried line weight loss has its risk and taboo, because expected effect varies from person to, and its effect also may is non-lasting sex; including for has necrosis organization, and skin local has infection ulcer, and or risk statutory infection disease, and pregnancy who, and for buried wire quality or alcohol serious allergy who, and tired, and excessive tension, and fasting, or with heart, and diabetes, metabolism exception who are not suitable.

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