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In order to help them to more convenient self-management of blood sugar, Guangzhou overseas Chinese hospital outpatient diabetes education, information center and the company jointly made a cell phone APP “stable sugar Assistant” mobile APP “stable sugar Assistant” Bluetooth upload blood glucose data through data analysis allows us to keep abreast of all diabetes patients ‘ blood sugars at home.

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In order to test the “stable sugar Assistant” and the Guangzhou overseas Chinese hospital (that is, a Jinan hospital) matching of diabetes management platform, we arranged a test project.

First, in the testing phase of the project, we hope to recruit 20-are using Johnson’s glucose meter users to participate in this project (full basis), if you meet the following conditions and have the will to participate in activities, please contact us:

1: Johnson stable times/stationary Howe Howe times-blood glucose meter users;

2: Smartphone (Android cell phone/phone) users;

Second, the project offers: during the event, when testing with 35 points in 1 month (at least two measuring points), access to free Johnson stability test strip bottle Howe (25 pieces).

Third, the obligation to participate in the project: the principle of voluntary, as required to measure blood sugar and use Bluetooth to transmit your blood glucose value, filled out a questionnaire to give us feedback.

Four, the project time: May 27, 2014 (full)

Five, participation methods:

1, the project registration contact: diabetes education Clinic: what the teacher 38374947

Outpatient Office: teacher Zhou 13392692083

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