Diabetes mellitus silent, often make people lose wariness, if diagnosed with diabetes, still without taboos let blood hurricane, heroic unruly bad life habits, beware of myocardial infarction, stroke, dialysis and other complications detonated, wait for quality of life without regret, it was too late. Good control of blood glucose, in order to stay away from the threat of diabetes complications.

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Chen Jia four brothers and sisters have diabetes, eldest brother diabetes 25 years, is not properly controlled, he, the heart has been installed several support, always worried about myocardial infarction and sudden death, and vascular lesions caused by renal failure, also let him to dialysis, life becomes very not quality; brother of poor blood sugar control, heart bypass surgery. Relatively, the brother and sister follow the doctor’s instructions, diet control and exercise, regular check, diseased about 20 years without complications.

Diabetes care fund will be chairman, Taipei Renji Hospital Institute Dean Dai Dongyuan quoted Diabetes Association statistics, an adult if 40 years old suffering from diabetes, compared to his life and ordinary people, women on average less 6.1 years, men less 5.6 years. The reason is that diabetes belongs to “the silence of the killer”, a lot of people in the early stage of diabetes without any symptoms, ignored the importance of diet and blood glucose, wait until symptoms, blood vessel has been a considerable degree of lesions, then it is easy to detonate such as heart disease, stroke and kidney complications.

Diabetes Association chairman, Taichung Veterans General Hospital Wayne Huey herng Sheu pointed out that if a word omnibus complication of diabetes mellitus, is “vascular lesions”, thus leading to systemic complications.

How diabetes can stay away from myocardial infarctionThe article cites: www.top1health.com

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