1 Meatball 47 calories! Hot pot heat mine

Eat hot pot broth and the meat is first choice focus, but don’t underestimate the destructive power of supporting actress! According to national health service figures, 1 Meatball about 47 calories as long as even 6 is equivalent to eat 1 bowl of rice, to walking about 1 hour can consume all the calories. Happy to eat pot, refuse to upper body obesity, in addition to regular exercise, more important is to do “management” and avoid excessive intake of calories.

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1 Meatball 47 calories! Hot pot heat mineBig kids love to eat the Meatball, 1 about 47 kcal.

Dumpling products has always been the people eat pot or best supporting actress when cooking, but these hot pot material production process is often fried or FAT to taste, are very high in calories and fat content, a little attention would give Zhu is difficult, resulting in heat watch intake and obesity, and increases the risk of metabolic syndrome, and cardiovascular disease.

Pot heat PK fried tofu skin Crown mines

Each bowl of rice weighing about 200 grams, heat 280 kcal. However, according to State Health Department data, common processing hot pot materials, each 100 grams of heat among the top 5, order yan dumplings, fried tofu skin 358 calories, 311 calories, fish dumpling, shrimp dumpling 270 275 kcal kcal, Meatball 235 calories, calories 140 calories than the same weight of rice is much higher.

Another on single star number view, 1 star tribute pills heavy up 20 public grams, heat on has 47 kcal, as long as eat 6 star on is equal to nibbling finished a bowl rice; and squid pills, and lice accounts fish pills, and swordfish pills, for main raw materials for low fat of seafood, heat relative lower, single star 17 to 25 public grams, heat about 31 kcal; second is for Yan dumplings single star 28 kcal, and shrimp dumplings 27 kcal, and sweet not spicy 23 kcal, and egg dumplings and fish dumplings 22 kcal.

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